Overseeding for Properties in & Around West Chester, Kennett Square, & West Grove, PA

Transform Your Lawn with Our Overseeding Service for Thick, Green Grass!

Maximize your lawn’s potential by scheduling our overseeding service annually. This service revitalizes dull, patchy lawns by filling them with thick, green grass. Overseeding is also beneficial for healthy lawns, enhancing their lushness and overall health.

Our overseeding process involves the even distribution of a premium fescue blend across your existing lawn. We offer this service in both spring and fall, and for optimal results, we recommend at least one overseeding per year. While overseeding alone can yield great results, combining it with our fall core aeration service can help alleviate soil compaction and thatch buildup, promoting a healthier lawn. Our services are available to property owners in West Chester, Kennett Square, Lincoln University, and nearby areas in Pennsylvania.

Our Overseeding Process

Your grass may need a boost to regain its vibrant color and density. Overseeding is an excellent solution for achieving a lush green lawn. Our process involves spreading grass seeds evenly across your existing lawn. When you choose our overseeding service, you can be confident that our team will transform your lawn from sparse and dull to thick and vibrant!

Every overseeding service includes a complimentary starter fertilization treatment to support the new grass growth.

Premium Fescue Grass Seed Blend for Optimal Results

We utilize a premium fescue grass seed blend for our overseeding projects. Fescue is ideal for Pennsylvania’s climate, thriving in both cold and warm conditions and exhibiting drought resistance. Additionally, fescue seeds germinate quickly, allowing you to see improvements in your lawn sooner.

Ideal Timing for Overseeding

Overseeding requires the right seasonal conditions for effective seed germination. We offer this service twice a year, in late spring and early fall. These times provide the best conditions for seed establishment, ensuring that the soil is neither too cold nor too hot. Annual overseeding helps maintain a consistently lush and green lawn.

Enhance Overseeding with Aeration

While overseeding is a key component of lawn care, it can be even more effective when paired with core aeration. Aeration addresses soil compaction and thatch buildup, improving air and nutrient circulation within your turf. Scheduling core aeration in the fall can significantly enhance the success of your overseeding efforts.

Schedule Our Overseeding Service Today for a Lush Lawn!

At Town & Country Lawn Care, our overseeding service can transform your patchy lawn into a lush, green landscape! Our premium fescue grass seed blend ensures exceptional results. We proudly serve West Chester, Kennett Square, Lincoln University, and nearby areas in Pennsylvania. Call us today at (610) 345-9000 to schedule your service.